Last updated May 09, 2022

All sales are final and no refund will be issued. 
When you purchase an item on Dance Xchange, you can receive a refund if your order: is significantly not as described, or never arrives, or is damaged in transit, or is canceled by Dance Xchange, or is manually canceled by yourself or your seller. If an item you bought is simply not your style or doesn’t fit you, unfortunately, you cannot claim a refund. In this situation, you can try and speak with your seller regarding the return. Also, you can upload the item to your own Dance Xchange shop and sell it there. Time frame to submit your claim: To claim a refund, you should email Dance Xchange immediately at [email protected] making sure that it is submitted within 2 days of your item being delivered if the item is significantly not as described or is damaged. Within 2 days of the expected delivery date if the item hasn’t arrived: If you consider that you received an item that is significantly not as described and you’ve sent an email to Dance Xchange within the 2 days, we’ll keep your payment on hold while you contact the seller. Express your concern to them and they’ll most likely help you to resolve the issue. If you can’t agree on a solution, please contact us, and we will step in and make the final decision on the case. Return fees: Buyer cover the cost of the return postage unless you agree with your seller otherwise. Returning an item: If you contact your seller and agree with them on a refund privately, you can both agree on a return date. As soon as the seller receives the package, they can cancel the order and issue a refund to you. If you couldn’t agree to a return with your seller, but after we review the case, it appears that you’re eligible to receive a refund, you will have 5 days to return the item. Important note: If you miss the 5-day deadline to return the item, your order will be completed, and the seller will receive the money.
If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at: