DX HOW TO: Create a Seller Account


Step by step:
1. Go to Buyselldance.com
2. Click on SELL in the menu
3. Fill out information
4. Check email for verification and password (don't forget to check spam)
5. Login to account and start selling!

You can change your password anytime by:
-Go to your account in the top right corner
-Click Profile Details
-Change & confirm password
-Click Save.

Sell with features catered to your needs:
Dance Xchange is designed to cater to the dance mom, former dancers, custom designers, and more! Add variations to your products, for example, if there is a leotard that comes in more than one size or color, DX can accommodate for this. Another wonderful feature is our addition of options. For example, if there is a base leotard and a buyer wants to add fringe, rhinestones and appliques to the base, the seller will be able to create these options and charge for the additions on the product. Visit Dance Xchange today to learn about more amazing features!


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