DX HOW TO: Add Variations of Products


In this video we will be showing the Vendor/Seller how to add a variation of their product. For example, if there is a leotard that comes in more than one size or color, this video will show you how to create the process.

Creating a New Variation Group

Let’s say you have added a new product to your store, and now you want to create variations for it. You can do it right on the product page:

  1. Open the Variations tab on the page of the product.
  2. Click Add variations.
  3. Enter a name of a feature in the Create new products tab. If a feature exists in your store, you’ll be offered to use it.

    Not all the features appear among suggestions. It depends on what Purpose has been specified in the features’ settings.

    If the feature does not exist yet, click Add and specify one of the two Purposes for it. Specified purpose determines whether variations with different feature values will occupy separate positions in the list.

  4. Add Variants for your features.
  5. Click Create. The variations will be generated automatically.

Сombining Products into a Variation Group

Let’s say you have imported products to your store, and now you want to put some of them in one group. It will allow your customers to choose a product while switching between the variations, and not to get confused by identical products with different feature variants. To do this:

  1. Open the Variations tab on the product editing page.
  2. Click Add variations.
  3. Go to the Use existing products tab. You can see all of the identical products here.

    The list will display the products that meet three following conditions:

    • same category;
    • same features, but different variants;
    • appropriate Purposes specified in the features’ settings.
  4. Select the products you need, and click Add variations.

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