About Dance Xchange

Filling the need to repurpose beautiful dance items

Dance, so much meaning in just one word.

Dance is about giving back to your audience and providing an experience that you hope they will enjoy and leave them coming back. Dance is about passion, precision, education, story-telling, glamour, and so much more.

At Dance Xchange, we want to help you tell your story with simplicity and ease. We are an app dedicated to helping Dancers make money back on their previously loved items and finding them a happy new home.

Our Mission
Helping families save and generate money by giving another life to dance items one sale at a time.

Let's talk ECO.

Did you know, according to IBIS World, there are 68,393 Dance Studio Businesses in the United States as of May 2022.

If each studio has an average of 150 students taking just one class, that is 10,258,950 costumes a year....

Now if each student takes an average of 3 classes that is 30,776,850 costumes... A YEAR!

Dance Xchange gives you the opportunity to think a little more ECO-friendly and help give your costumes another life.

Margeaux McCarthy
Owner of Dance Xchange

Like all businesses, Dance Xchange began as an idea that seemed almost too big to achieve. Margeaux McCarthy was a small-town dance teacher that saved every paycheck from the studio to fund this idea.

As a teacher in the competition world and a former professional dancer, Margeaux saw so many dance costumes with essentially no other use.

Each costume has a life of its own and tells a unique story. Most costumes live in a closet or an attic after the season is over. Dance Xchange gives the opportunity for that story to continue.

Why Choose Us?
Comission Fees
Dance Xchange charges only 10% of the product's sale price.
Payment Platforms
Dance Xchange uses some of the best and safest platforms for payments, PayPal and Stripe. Each transaction charges on average 2.9%+$0.30 charged to Buyer.
We use USPS, options of Standard Ground Mail or USPS Priority Shipping. The buyer will be provided with a tracking number so that they will stay informed on the delivery of their special package. Some Sellers even offer FREE SHIPPING!
A Dance Exclusive Platform
Dance Xchange is monitored by the DX Staff to flag and eliminate items that are not related to dance for a more user-friendly experience.
Multiple Variant Products
Dance Xchange allows the opportunity to upload multiple variants. For example, quantities and colors. If you dance at a studio then you know there are multiple dancers who have the same costume in various sizes and even colors. We acknowledge this and made it a priority in our platform design.
Cart Sharing
Do you have a dancer that you might not trust with your credit card? Do you have an item that you want to share with other dancers? We have a feature to share your cart by copy and pasting into an email, facebook post, text message, and many other ways of delivery. This is located at the "cart" section of check out.